Watch a Bride Get LITERALLY Swept Off Her Feet by the Groom

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Marriage is about loving and supporting each other through the good and the bad times. New bride Julia Magdaleno did her fair share of supporting her husband, Chad Kannard, on their wedding day — by cushioning his fall when he took the pair down in an epic face plant. The newlyweds were making their way to their reception when, in what we're sure was meant to be a spontaneous and romantic gesture, the groom swept his wife off her feet and carried her toward the entrance. He got a little overexcited and tipped forward with his wedding dress-clad wife in hand, and unfortunately, the two didn't quite stick the landing. Not to be deterred by a minor hiccup in the execution of their entrance, the two bounced back surprisingly quickly and lived to tell the hilarious tale. Watch the two take a tumble! Front Page