This Groom's Reaction During the "First Look" Is Priceless

Amber Lowe Photo

Couples who decide to do a "first look" photo on their wedding opt to take a moment before the ceremony to privately see each other prior to getting married. These few moments among the chaos of that day are typically emotional, but one groom recently had a reaction that's going viral for all of the right reasons.

Before Bailey and Micah Baker exchanged vows, the couple planned for the groom to see his bride as their wedding photographer, Amber Lowe, captured the special interaction. Micah stood with his back turned so that he couldn't see his bride as she approached. When Bailey arrived at the ceremony site, Micah's best man tapped him on the shoulder, letting him know it was time to see his bride for the very first time. "Before he turned around, he had already been crying. And as soon as he saw her, he doubled over and just started sobbing," Lowe told POPSUGAR. "It was probably one of the most wonderful wedding moments of my career. I've been photographing weddings for five years, and I've never seen a reaction like this."

Lowe first witnessed Bailey and Micah's connection during their engagement shoot when the pair couldn't stop smiling, and she didn't have to give them much direction because they were already "working magic" just being around each other. "I know so many brides pray and hope their groom has the same reaction on the wedding day but the truth is, just like women, every guy is different," Amber said. "At the end of the day, you're marrying your best friend, your soul mate, the one you've waited your whole life for. And as long as he treats you like the queen you are, you have nothing to worry about."