This Hottie Is Traveling the World in a Van, and We Want to Take a Ride

Meet Will Gregor. Where do I even begin with this very attractive man? He just finished traveling through Europe in a camper van that he calls a vanagon that he bought and refurbished himself. He is also former military and models on the side. And he's 26 and is basically living his best life. Oh, and he's a Brit. Got it?

After leaving military life behind, Will dabbled in some modeling before buying his camper van earlier this year, which he fixed up with the help of his girlfriend's dad, and headed out on an adventure this Summer. He told the Daily Mail, "there's just something wonderful and empowering about hitting the road knowing that anywhere can be home to you."

Now that he's back in London, he is going back to school and will continue modeling part time, but he's hoping to take his swanky camper van back out sometime soon. "I want to take the van as far east as I can get it; possibly a transcontinental trip — Europe through Asia. I'm hoping to do some extensive writing along the way and possibly even make a documentary related to my degree [in sociology and anthropology]."

You can see a smattering of Will's absolutely dreamy photos from his Summer across Europe ahead. Anyone else have a sudden urge to go for a trip in a camper van?