5 Tips For Anyone Struggling With Coming Out

Coming out to family and friends isn't always easy. Carrie Highley, author of Blue Apple Switchback, shares these helpful tips for anyone wondering how to live out loud. Check it out.

  1. Always keep in mind that love is meant to be simple, we make it complicated.
    Don't let the outside world tell you differently or you may linger for days or years in a dark and lonely place. Let the thread of love unweave itself naturally.
  2. Understand that love is beautiful and so are you. Love doesn't discriminate or compartmentalize, it's just there and you should love as you wish, don't fall into the foolish trap of being what others want you to be.
  3. Tell your story…sooner than later. Try not to hide away for years like I did, you will only end up hurting yourself and others. Making our stories visible will help us to teach others about what they don't see or understand.
  4. Keep in mind that you can't please everyone, after all, do you please everyone with the clothes you wear, the name you may give your child, the way you talk, the religion you choose or not choose to affiliate with? This list could go on and on. It's the very nature of living…you can't please everyone, but you can respect yourself and others around you.
  5. You say it takes courage and you're not sure you have what it takes. I say lasso that courage and conquer your fears, you may be surprised at how many people already know. I'm in no way undermining the difficulty of coming out, after all I hid away for close to thirty years in an endless abyss of insecurities relating to coming out. I'm here as a cheerleader now and we need more cheerleaders to make it known that there will be no more hiding.