5 Simple Tips to Keep the Spark Alive After Moving In Together

When a relationship shifts into the living-together phase, it can be difficult to maintain the exciting spark that exists in the beginning. There's a tendency to treat each other as roommates instead of romantic partners, but a few simple tweaks to your everyday routine can help to amp up the chemistry and strengthen your bond. Worried that you might get a little too comfortable with each other? Follow these five tips to keep the flirty, sexy vibes alive:

1. Meet after work.

There's something to be said for seeing each other across a crowded restaurant — rather than, say, getting ready together in the bathroom. Maintain a bit of mystery and stir up some excited anticipation by skipping the DVR and making postwork dinner plans instead.

2. Avoid typical roommate drama.

He doesn't close cabinets, you don't make the bed, and when exactly were the dishes going to be done? Nothing screams "unsexy" like nagging each other over housework, so do your relationship a favor and communicate any small complaints before resentment builds.

3. Keep the bedroom work-free.

Designate your bedroom as an intimacy-only area. A little bit of bedtime reading is fine, but don't bring your laptop into bed with you. Set up your desk in another room and resolve to steer clear of screens as soon as you get ready to hit the hay.

4. Make chores fun.

Turn dish-cleaning and laundry-folding into your favorite sweet and sexy time by turning on some music, dancing, or having a meaningful conversation — first-date style — while you fold your clothes. It may seem silly at first, but eventually you might look forward to the housework you used to dread.

5. Don't forget the little things.

A simple bouquet surprise or breakfast in bed can go a long way in sparking a bit of passion, so keep up the cute habits that tend to fade after the courtship phase. Leave each other sweet notes and treat him to a fancy home-cooked meal to get back to the butterflies.