You're Not Going to Believe the Story Behind This Woman Crashing Her Own Funeral

Australian woman Noela Rukundo experienced the ultimate spousal betrayal — not infidelity but attempted murder. Jealousy had prompted her husband of 10 years, Balenga Kalala, to want to hire hitmen to kill her, but the end result sure wasn't what he expected. Turns out, the deed couldn't be done, so Noela decided to make a surprise appearance at her own funeral. What's even worse is that the job was ordered to be done right after her stepmom's funeral.

Noela went back to her hotel room after the service and received a call from her husband. "I didn't think anything. I just thought that he cared about me, that he was worried about me," Noela told BBC. Instead of allowing her to grieve, however, he suggested she step outside for air only to find a gun pointing at her. "He just told me, 'Don't scream. If you start screaming, I will shoot you. They're going to catch me, but you? You will already be dead.'" Naturally, Noela followed orders and got into the car, where she was blindfolded and driven to a building about 30 to 40 minutes away. When she wouldn't believe that the job was paid for by her husband, the kidnappers put him on speaker. "Kill her," Balenga said. "I heard his voice. I heard him. I felt like my head was going to blow up." Luckily, it was against the hitmen's policy to kill women, and they just so happened to know her brother. They released her two days later but told the husband otherwise.

Five days later, Noela crashed her own funeral and waited until Balenga was the last to "mourn" before revealing herself. Balenga had told everyone that she had passed from a "tragic accident." He saw her get out of the car and to his disbelief cried out, "Is it my eyes? Is it a ghost?" Noela replied, "Surprise! I'm still alive!"

Regretful apologies were made, but clearly, no words could ever excuse such a thing. Although Noela always thought of her husband as a "violent man," she would have never guessed he'd go so far as to wanting her dead. Rightfully, Balenga was sentenced to nine years in prison.