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Do You Have Your Own Stash of Condoms?

Condoms may save lives, but finds them tacky. When asked what one household item would convince him he wasn't compatible with a woman, the Black Eyed Peas star told Elle: "If she had condoms in her house, that would just f*ckin’ throw me off. That’s just tacky." In an attempt to explain this perplexing deal breaker, he said buying condoms is "something you should converse about together and say, 'Hey, maybe we should get some.'" Still, I don't see anything tacky about a woman who takes her health seriously enough to prepare. Of course you don't have to have your own stash to use condoms. I'm wondering, do you keep condoms around the house?

Source: Flickr User wotm

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RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
Yes! What the hell! It's okay if he thinks that, but he should NOT be making comments like that in public. I hope no one contracts AIDS and dies because they were ashamed to have condoms with them.
mcjx3 mcjx3 6 years
Men can no longer be trusted to have protection...they always think every woman is on birth control. Idiots.
juicebox07 juicebox07 6 years
Yes. I get them free from the family planning clinic whenever I go pick up more BC pills.
Venus1 Venus1 6 years
Emilie - My sentiments exactly! x
EmilieLove EmilieLove 6 years
You know what's tacky? Criticizing a woman for looking after her own body.
Venus1 Venus1 6 years
I always carry condoms in my bag and have some in a little ceramic pot by my bed. It's important.
Pistil Pistil 6 years
There comes a time in every relationship when you have to sit down and have a serious conversation about condoms.
danakscully64 danakscully64 6 years
Yes, every woman should have a stash just in case. The ones from my last relationship didn't fit my current guy, so I gave them to his best friend. He hit the condom jackpot and it settled about 10 years of "I have a bigger penis" jokes LOL
stylinfabqueen stylinfabqueen 6 years
I always make sure I have a few whether I'm in a relationship or not. I even keep a few in my makeup bag.
JJJSisters JJJSisters 6 years
Yeah, cause when you're getting hot and heavy, you're gonna go to the store together... It's very responsible and wonderful, if the man doesn't have a condom, then you'd be out of luck and be more inclined to forego protection so it's Great!
theseether theseether 6 years
His comment was ridiculous.
Katie-Sweeney Katie-Sweeney 6 years
I think it means your responsible!
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