This Police Officer Is About to Solve One Dirty Mystery

Kiss of Fate (paperback out Sept. 29) by Deirdre Dore is the last installment of the steamy mystery series. The story follows the lives of three friends on a search for answers to a crime that has been haunting them for decades, and you won't believe what they uncover. We're sharing two enticing excerpts from the sexy novel. Keep in mind: if you wouldn't want your co-workers spying on you reading Fifty Shades of Grey, these excerpts should be considered NSFW. Here's a little more about the book:

In the bestselling tradition of Laura Griffin, the conclusion in a new romantic suspense trilogy features an officer with the Atlanta Police Department who teams up with a documentary filmmaker to delve into one of the darkest secrets of Fate, a secret that involves everyone she has ever loved.

Read the two excerpts below, and for more information on the paranormal romance, visit XOXO After Dark.

PG-13 Excerpt

She unlocked the door and stepped into a small entry hall. The living room was to the right, but she didn't use it often. Same for the dining room to the left.

Raquel continued past those rooms, past the kitchen, and down the hall to her bedroom. There was a guest bedroom just before her bedroom. She opened the door and gestured him inside.

"It's nice and dark. Sleep as long as you want, or there's an alarm on the nightstand."

"Really?" He sounded incredulous.

"Yeah." Raquel smiled a little at his expression.

"We need sleep."

He scowled.

Raquel left him in the guest room and closed her bedroom door behind her. She tossed her helmet into the chair in the corner of her room and started pulling off her leather.

Brent knocked on the door.

"What?" Raquel found herself smiling a little.

"It's just sex. I don't even like you. I promise."

"Go to sleep, Brent," she called through the door.

Raquel heard him sigh and then his footsteps going back into the guest room. She changed into sleeping pants and a tank top and got ready for bed in the bathroom that adjoined her room. She heard the guest shower running on the other side of the wall.

Brent was built like a soccer player, with thick muscled thighs and a lean torso. He was tanned; wherever he'd been filming last had left him sun bronzed.

She briefly imagined joining him, sliding her hand along his chest, losing herself in the wet and the heat and the touch of hard fingers.

Raquel closed her eyes for a second, remembering the details of him, but swayed on her feet she was so tired. She yawned.

Brent knocked again as she was about to get into bed. She sighed. He was wearing boxers and the Tshirt he'd had on earlier. His wet hair was mussed, and he hadn't shaved, although there was a razor in the guest bathroom medicine cabinet.

"You found the toothbrush you used last time?"

"Yeah." He nodded, looking at her. "I think you don't want to sleep with me anymore because you like me too much and that freaks you out."

Raquel managed a disinterested shrug. "Believe what you want."

He bent down, lifting his hand to touch the side of her face.

Raquel knew she should pull away, but she was held, frozen, by the look in his dark brown eyes.

"I like you too much, too," he told her gently, and then kissed her, sliding his firm lips over hers and taking her mouth. The taste of him was familiar, like toothpaste and Brent, and Raquel found herself lifting up on her toes for more. Just as she started to raise her arms to encircle his neck, he released her and stepped back.He touched the tip of her nose. "I'll see you in a few hours."

Raquel nodded and shut the door again.

X-Rated Excerpt

Brent hurriedly set everything he was carrying on the dining room table inside the door to the left, and chased after her, stripping off his T-shirt in the process.

When he reached her bedroom, she'd already turned on the lamp next to her bed, removed all her leather gear, and was standing in her panties and bra next to her bed, her dark skin contrasting with deep blue satin and lace, and outlined in the light behind her.

"Goddamn, you're hot," he told her thickly. "I want to lick you from your toes to your lips."

"Okay," Raquel agreed, holding his eyes as she reached behind her back and removed her bra, letting it fall to her elbows before catching it in one hand and throwing it away.

Brent stared at her dark breasts and the darker nipples, at the tight, distended tips. God, he'd missed seeing them, sucking on them. After he'd gotten to touch her a handful of times, he realized he'd never stop wanting to do it again. "God." He moved without actually planning it, going to his knees in front of her so that her breasts were even with his face. He cupped them in his big hands, liking how it looked as he plumped her breasts gently, stroking the tips delicately with his rough thumbs before taking the left one in his mouth.

She moaned and her knees sagged a little.

He slid the hand that wasn't cupping her breast down over her hip, dipping briefly beneath her panties before gliding around to cup her bottom and pull her firmly against him.

He continued to suckle her while his other hand squeezed her perfectly rounded ass. Her fingers gripped his hair and she shuddered.

"I missed this," he groaned, moving to the other breast. "I missed touching you."
Raquel groaned and begged, "Put me on the bed. Brent. Please."

"I will. Okay. I will. Just let me—" He slid his lips down over the gentle swell of her stomach and down, until he licked just beneath the line of her panties.

He used both hands to cup the cheeks of her ass as he snagged her panties with his teeth and pulled them gently, gently down, until he could see her, smell the salty, wet folds of her flesh.

She shuddered and Brent lost control, standing and lifting her all in one motion, planting her on the bed and tugging her panties away.

She spread her legs and, waiting for him, touched herself while he stripped off his clothes and removed a condom from his pocket.

He watched her the entire time.

"F*ck, you're hot," he told her again and crawled on the bed between her legs. He wanted to tell the story of his need for her with his mouth, worship her with soft kisses over every inch, but he didn't think he could wait.