You May Want to Shield Your Eyes From the Utter Perfection of These Lisa Frank Sneakers

We may have (begrudgingly) ditched our rainbow-covered Trapper Keeper folder long ago, but we're sure as heck not ready to say goodbye to Lisa Frank's nostalgic vibes just yet. That's why our hearts practically leaped for joy when we heard from Nylon that Lisa Frank herself teamed up with Reebok to custom design two one-of-a-kind pairs of multicolored sneakers, just in time for back-to-school season.

The bright, quirky kicks are completely covered — and when I say covered, I mean it — in our favorite Lisa Frank characters, including Panda Painter and Forrest, the rainbow-colored tiger. All of these designs are splashed on top of Reebok's Classic Leather shoe and finished off with rainbow shoelaces — because duh. Fourth-grade me would've busted open my piggy bank and snatched these babies up in a heartbeat, and honestly, 23-year-old me is still pretty freakin' into them.

Before you grab your credit card to place an online order, we must clue you into the slight downside of this exciting news: these custom kicks will only be given to two (very lucky) winners via a social media giveaway. *Cue the single tear rolling down my face.* If you're interested in adding these sneakers to your closet, you must tweet @ReebokClassic and @LisaFrank to answer the following question: what's your favorite trend from your back-to-school days?

Excuse us while we tweet our answer 17 times per day in hopes of snagging these beauties, which you can scope out in the nostalgia-packed pictures ahead.