You Can Now Text Tuxedo Mask on This Very Real Sailor Moon Phone

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Despite growing up, Sailor Moon fans of the '90s never really grew out of the beloved series. They don't really have to, either: there are beauty products, skincare treatments, and now a freaking Sailor Moon-inspired smartphone.

The Chinese technology company behind various photo editing apps — like MakeupPlus, for example — just released an adorable pink and gold smartphone with Sailor Moon's silhouette on the back. Since Meitu's brand is so centered on selfies, this special Meitu M8 has a pretty advanced front-facing camera that comes with unique filters and face-tuning features. In addition, Meitu released a matching selfie stick that is meant to resemble the character's Spiral Heart Moon Rod.

Sadly, the two-piece collection will only be sold for a limited time, as only 10,000 phones were made. At press time, the phone and selfie stick are only available in China for ¥2999, or $435. Given its inevitable popularity, the set may eventually be available stateside. In the meantime, check out pictures of the mystifying products ahead.