Amie and Jackie's New York Public Library Engagement

Amie and Jackie's romantic, Christmas-y engagement session was shot by Priyanca Rao in New York City — where both their proposals took place — featuring the city's iconic Central Park and New York Public Library. The couple met at Amie's annual holiday Champagne party in 2009, which Jackie attended with a mutual friend. After their first date, Jackie notes, "I couldn't wait to kiss her. We have been kissing ever since . . . with a few pauses here and there." Then in December 2013, Amie planned a romantic surprise trip to New York City. Jackie, meanwhile, had no idea they were going out of town: "I thought we were going to the Indian Palace for dinner!" Here's how both the proposals went down, in their own words.

Amie: I arranged for us to have skating lessons at Rockefeller Center. You'd think I would have been nervous, given what was to come next. But I was so happy, so excited to be asking Jacq to be my wife, that I found myself almost giddy. At the end of our lesson, as though she was reading my mind, Jacq said she wanted to skate over to the tree for a closer look. I can never thank her enough for that perfect intuition!

Jackie: I had no idea that right there, under the biggest, most beautiful Christmas tree, our lives would change forever, our commitment to each other would grow, that Amie would ask me to be her wife. When she asked, I was completely overwhelmed with emotion — shocked, happy, full of gratitude, and of course I said yes! Amie is the most amazing woman I have ever known, I love her more than my pride, my fears. She is my home, my future, she is everything that is good and right in this world, she restores my faith in humanity, and I am in love with her, mind, body, and soul. The best part about my day is falling asleep next to her and waking up to face each day with her, and I couldn't ask for more than to do that for the rest of my life. Hell yes, I will be your wife.

Amie: Proposing to the woman of your dreams is pretty incredible. But, being proposed to . . . is unimaginably overwhelming. I didn't think it was possible to feel closer to Jacq or love her any more until SHE surprised ME with a trip to NYC. Jacq took me for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and she had made a love lock for us to leave on the bridge. And I just remember that my heart was literally overflowing with love and gratitude for this incredible, amazing, thoughtful, beautiful woman that I was going to get to marry. And then she pulled out a ring and proposed to ME. It overwhelms me every time I think about that moment. Jacq has this way about her that completely disarms me.

Jackie: In that moment, there was no one else in the world but us. There were no problems, no worries, no reservation, or regret. In that moment our journey made perfect sense to me. All that we had been through, all of our happiness, sadness, ups and downs, everything had happened for this perfect reason. Our love had found a way to bring us to this spot, this single perfect moment in time.

Amie: I said yes. To a lifetime with the most amazing woman I have ever met in my life. She is my love, my sparring partner, my rock, my best friend, my cocreator, and the woman I cannot wait to create a family with.

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