18 Small and Sweet Gestures You Can Do For Your Significant Other

It truly is the little things that mean the most. If you want to keep the spark alive in your relationship, remember to do small gestures that remind your partner how much you love them. We have some ideas we know they will appreciate. Who doesn't love to receive something thoughtful?

  1. Have dinner ready when they get home.
  2. Leave a little love note on their nightstand.
  3. Play their favorite song for them.
  4. Tell them they look amazing when they roll out of bed.
  5. Surprise them on their lunch break.
  6. Make a pot of coffee before they wake up.
  7. Make the bed.
  8. Clean the house while they go out to run errands.
  9. Re-create your very first date.
  10. Offer to help them with an annoying chore.
  11. Unexpectedly text them a compliment.
  12. Make them a playlist.
  13. Give them a massage.
  14. Get them a gift just because.
  15. Send an email to remind them you're thinking of them.
  16. Watch their favorite TV show with them.
  17. Place a card on their windshield in the morning.
  18. Say I love you every single day.