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How Does the Oromoon Astrology Dating App Work?

The Oromoon Dating App Uses Astrology and Your Birth Chart to Pair You With Compatible Matches

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Let's be honest, dating isn't always glamorous. Nervous first dates and "situationships" can make the whole process feel overwhelming sometimes, and the pandemic has only created another barrier to experiencing that celestial connection. But even as the dating scene slowly returns to normal with more restrictions being lifted as vaccines become available, that also doesn't necessarily erase the struggle of meeting someone who genuinely matches your vibe. That type of connection is unique and special — one created in the cosmos. So wouldn't it be great if there was an app that matched you with a compatible sign to take away the guess work? Thankfully, there is!

Latinx Astrologer Stephanie Whaley, who has over a decade's worth of celestial knowledge, wanted to incorporate the ancient practice of astrology to connect others based on their compatibility, so she founded Oromoon, an astrology-based dating app with a mission of breaking down barriers to connect you with compatible matches. Whaley is committed to helping you raise your consciousness through self-reflection, and spoke to POPSUGAR about this innovative technology and how elements of your celestial makeup can influence your dating life.

The Origins of Oromoon

"From serenading the moon as a toddler to peering out of car windows to catch a glimpse of the most magnificent full moons, I have been a student of astrology for life, while also practicing with clients for over a decade's time," Whaley told POPSUGAR of her lifelong passion for astrology. But while her passions were evident from an early age, her path hasn't always been easy. "In the search for solidifying my identity as a first generation Peruvian immigrant, I dipped my hands in all of the cookie jars, tapping into self-discovery and self-awareness with astrology as the encouraging tool that would ultimately unravel my deepest, darkest intentions, and help me emerge a happier version of myself," she said. This quest for truth ultimately led to the creation of Oromoon. "With an over-stimulated dating scene, it dawned on me that curiosity and mindfulness were the keys to unlocking the best relationships, beginning with the one with ourselves."

Having worked in the finance world, Whaley witnessed firsthand how different communication styles, personalities, and avenues of stress can impact our emotional well-being. "By introducing modernized spiritual tools (such as astrology) into my rubric, I utilized the power of a growth mindset to inspire synergy and boost morale among not only strangers and friends alike, but among my colleagues as well," she explained to POPSUGAR. Thus, Oromoon was born.

How Does Oromoon Work?

If you follow astrology, you probably understand to some extent how the stars impact your personality and themes in your life. Mercury rules all things communication, technology, and mental energy, so whatever sign your Mercury is in will dictate how you communicate with others and how you process information. Someone with an Aries Mercury placement, for example, might have a short fuse in arguments or tend to lead or dominate the conversation. They're likely to have a bold inner voice and have a strong passion for learning through travel, especially solo trips.

"Our platform features tools that address one's emotional, psychological, and physical needs, translating each unique birth chart and highlighting the most compatible matches through conscious dating efforts and introspection," Whaley said.

Oromoon's technology enables you to match with like-minded people by analyzing your planetary placements and by supporting you through self-exploration. "We combine customized astrology techniques and personalized analysis features to make choices that best support your spiritual journey in tandem with your dating life," said Whaley. "We invite our guests to join a safe community that educates them on the pillars of astrology beyond our Sun Sign, for neither individual nor compatibility is possible with only the analysis of one lonesome luminary, no matter how powerful. Our main priority when pairing individuals is to understand their motivation via their romantic and platonic preferences. This includes synastry and composite charts that do not determine, but rather aids the dynamism that is destiny."

Synastry, as Whaley explains, is a tool used to determine astrological compatibility, but this is not the only way to see if your vibe matches someone else's. Oromoon also uses composite charts, which Whaley adds offer a comprehensive look into complementary similarities. "Composite charts, on the other hand, are more comprehensive, revealing the midpoints between two people and focusing on the dynamism of the relationship itself." Along with synastry and composite charts, Oromoon also looks into your descendent sign to discover your desires in a partnership. These celestial components are moving parts in a much bigger machine, creating a detailed look into your astrology.

Whaley says a key way to understanding your compatibility is by looking at difficult aspects in two charts to determine and understand specific challenges between the two and how to overcome them, which is another way Oromoon interprets its matchmaking. "We must acknowledge that healthy, sustainable relationships have their fair share of conflicts, for this is where each is invited to grow and heal with each other," she continued. "That is where the magic happens, when both individuals hold space to heal and grow together, even when times get tough . . . [and they] remember, life is tough, but so are you."

How Can I Start Using Oromoon?

You can download Oromoon in the app store on your iPhone. The app is currently focusing on iOS, but says on their website that they "hope to roll out for Android eventually." To sign up, you'll just have to enter your phone number. And while the app is free, there is an option to access an "Elevate Your Experience" feature, which includes things like offering you unlimited matches, re-matching you with expired connections, the ability to rewind on matches you want to review again, and more.

What Else to Know

While Oromoon's main focus is dating and matchmaking, that isn't all it has to offer, as the app also uses an in-house therapist to encourage self-confidence and self-care with its users. "Our thoughts and words hold incredible power," Whaley continued. "We are revolutionizing how we utilize technology to enhance our mood and connections. With the help of Oromoon's in-house licensed therapist, we reference psychology and CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) to help reframe our negative thoughts."

Oromoon's team also stands firmly in supporting women from different backgrounds. "Eighty-percent of Oromoon creatives are women of color and international in their lived experiences. With this beautifully rare and varied background in tech, our common denominator becomes diversity and inclusion in and of itself," Whaley told POPSUGAR.

It's clear Oromoon is unlike any dating apps we've seen. From its sophisticated technology that utilizes synastry and composite charts to match you with other individuals to its emphasis on self-exploration, Oromoon is sure to benefit its users in meaningful ways. "With the stars as our guide, Oromoon offers what many dating apps miss — faith," Whaley said. "An astrology dating app rooted in the art of awareness, we're on a mission to elevate confidence and spirituality in an age of uncertainty."

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