You'll LOL at Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's "Period Sex" Video That Was "Too Dirty" to Air

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Just in case you didn't already know, period sex is having sex while menstruating. It can also mean shorter, lighter periods (and less cramping!), so why is it so taboo for TV? Musical comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has mentioned period sex a few times in its episodes, but viewers have only gotten a little tease of the unreleased full music video about the subject — until now. Apparently it was too much to air on the CW network, so Rachel Bloom, the creator and star of the show, put out an online-only version for the public to finally see.

One more thing: the full version of "Period Sex" is too dirty to air on tv so it will be online-only. #CrazyExGirlfriend

— Rachel Bloom (@Racheldoesstuff) January 14, 2017

It's hilarious and exactly how you'd imagine with lyrics like "If you're grossed out, let's pretend it's cherry lube" and "Are those sheets expensive? I'll Venmo you back for your sheets."

While it's great that we finally get to see the video in its entirety, it's ridiculous that the subject of period sex — you know, an all-natural thing — is considered too inappropriate for the general audience.