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How Chris Villain Went From Disney Park Singer to Gender-Bending Cosplayer
These Costumes Are Equal Parts Funny and Sexy — What More Could You Want?
Wonder Woman
17 Sexy Wonder Woman Costume Ideas
Oilers14990498 Oilers14990498 3 years

Awesome!!! So many memories.

Jenna-Gill Jenna-Gill 3 years

So. Good.

Amanda14734998 Amanda14734998 4 years
Just because something STARTED in the 80's, doesn't mean the 90's kids didn't enjoy them. The fact is: they WERE present & enjoyed in the 90's as well.
CamcorderTips CamcorderTips 4 years
lovely kids
Teyocoyani Teyocoyani 5 years
Candy necklaces, easy bake ovens, scented markers, push up pencils, Salt-n-Pepa, Judy Blume, play-doh, and on and on were all things from the 70's and 80's. I love a good retro story but not when it's inaccurate! Come on now!  
yasmeeeeeeen7 yasmeeeeeeen7 5 years
omg! wat kind of ugly staff did they wear at that time i mean look at wat melanie brown is wearing  
liverwurst liverwurst 5 years
Ugh. We didn't wear Jellies" in the 90's....they were from the 80's, and I would know.
gaiusb gaiusb 5 years
 @Sterps Thank you Sterps!  Lite brite and rabbit feet ARE from the 80's as well as Jellies!  Jelly shoes became a fad in the mid-80's but were revived in the mid-nineties.  So- the title of this article isn't exactly accurate.
chicgoods547 chicgoods547 5 years
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Jeanellekorhonen Jeanellekorhonen 5 years
I miss the 90's!
LazyCash29 LazyCash29 5 years
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gigill gigill 5 years
Also, Kid Street (maybe that was Canadian?) and Gak.
gigill gigill 5 years
What about Sister Sister, Pogo Balls, Brandy, Total Request Live and Bjork? (Sorry if those are already in there).
Sterps Sterps 5 years
cmon people...lite bright and rabbit feet are from the 80s!
raeraek raeraek 5 years
Never mind!  Just saw the slap bracelets!
Tara-Block Tara-Block 5 years
 @raeraek those are in there!
raeraek raeraek 5 years
LOVE!!!  What about jelly shoes or the slap bracelets? :)  
Tara-Block Tara-Block 5 years
 @rlm36532 Thanks for all the suggestions, I tried to add them all! :) Keep 'em coming!
rlm36532 rlm36532 5 years
They did cover a lot of the greats but what gives on just adding some of the Saved by the Bell characters and not Saved by the Bell!  We loved AC Slater!!!  I also saw spin art but not spin art t-shirts.  We had a place just a few miles from where I lived called B-Unique that did those shirts and I had about 10 of them!  They also missed Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck, Tale Spin, Bonkers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Newsies!  I think we need a part 2 of this list...  Just saying :-)
Kellie2713498 Kellie2713498 5 years
Let's take a trip a time not so long ago where everything is just better :)) the 90's!!
Mr.-King-Calvin-Coleman-4239 Mr.-King-Calvin-Coleman-4239 5 years
Toe Rings are Awesome!!!!.
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
lol, I wear toe rings year-round, my husband thinks they're sexy...the 90's were fun
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