There's an Actual Pokémon Dating Service, So Now We've Literally Seen It All

Pokémon and love? Catch 'em all with a new dating site called PokéDates that matches you with a potential partner who's just as crazy about Pokémon Go as you are. Now you won't have to compromise game time for dating, because PokéDates allows you to meet up at convenient PokéStops or PokéGyms to mingle and search for Pokémon together.

First, you have to fill out and submit a questionnaire that asks about your interests and what you're looking for in a PokéMate. Then, you provide your availability, and a specialist will find you a match after reviewing your profile. You'll later receive an email with your PokéDate details, including when and where to meet.

Although the first date is free, there's a $20 fee for every confirmed match after. A hefty price . . . but who knows, you might just meet your Ash or Misty.