Polar Vorsex and Pickup Lines

You guys, it's, like, really cold out there. And while the polar vortex is no joke, that doesn't keep people on Twitter from making a few sex-related jokes out of the very chilly situation. Using the hashtag #polarvortexpickuplines, these tweeters are tickling our funny bones with hilarious pickup lines as many citizens are holed up in their homes with nothing but the Internet to keep them company. Here are some of our favorite tweets on the sexy side of Winter.

You're the only hand-warmer I need. #polarvortexpickuplines

— Stefan Sirucek (@sirstefan) January 7, 2014

#PolarVortexPickUpLines Wanna see if your tongue will freeze against my pole?

— Scott H (@maitaiguy09) January 8, 2014

Are you passed out on the side walk? Or are you my snow angel? #PolarVortexPickUpLines

— Kylie Richardson (@KylieR303) January 8, 2014

The whole country is frozen, but lookin at you I have a warm front coming. #PolarVortexPickUpLines

— Online By Mistake (@onlinebymistake) January 8, 2014

"I'm not wearing any thermal underwear." #PolarVortexPickUpLines @BobEckstein

— Wheaton Simis (@wheatonsimis) January 8, 2014

Come back to my place for an ice cap. #polarvortexpickuplines

— E A Nash (@EANash1) January 7, 2014

Baby, let Rick help you out of that jacket, polar fleece, 3 sweaters & long johns. #PolarVortexPickUpLines

— It's Rick (@3rdPersonTweets) January 8, 2014

#PolarVortexPickUpLines if you play your cards right the highway isn't the only thing getting plowed tonight.

— Paul Ferris (@Seventhwheel) January 7, 2014

"Wanna see the tip of my iceberg?" #polarvortexpickuplines

— EBS (@applezismypal) January 8, 2014

#PolarVortexPickUpLines If I said you had a nice body would you hold it against me? Because if you don't I'm going to die of hypothermia.

— Paul Ferris (@Seventhwheel) January 7, 2014

Can I have your phone number so I can protect your digits from the cold? #PolarVortexPickUpLines

— My Vogon Poetry (@MyVogonPoetry) January 8, 2014

#PolarVortexPickUpLines Hey toots, why don't we go to my place and chill out for awhile.

— sailwind (@wmirick) January 8, 2014

Who wants to touch a vagicicle? #polarvortexpickuplines

— Diane in 7A (@Diane_7A) January 7, 2014

It's recommended that I protect your exposed skin. #PolarVortexPickUpLines

— Scottro (@scottdhoople) January 7, 2014

How about you and I set a record low? #PolarVortexPickupLines

— Scott Anglemyer (@anglescott) January 7, 2014

While that actually is an icicle in my pants I'm still happy to see you. #polarvortexpickuplines

— Stefan Sirucek (@sirstefan) January 7, 2014

Can I buy you a cocoa to go with your hot? #PolarVortexPickUpLines

— My Vogon Poetry (@MyVogonPoetry) January 8, 2014

Girl, did you fall from heaven? Because it's so cold, I'm looking for signs of the Apocalypse. #PolarVortexPickUpLines

— Cristela Alonzo (@cristela9) January 7, 2014

You must be a white-out condition, cuz all I see is you. #polarvortexpickuplines

— Frank (Diggy) (@ADignorantium) January 7, 2014

my #polarvortex has been this cold for a while. #vagina

— Farah Brook (@farahbrook) January 6, 2014

Mmm gurl, I like your angular and linear momentum, energy, and mass, aka the way you move, gurl. #PolarVortexPickUpLines #MovingVortex

— DeAnne Smith (@DeAnne_Smith) January 7, 2014

Who needs a fire when they stand next to someone as hot as you!? #PolarVortexPickupLines @DanIsett

— Veronica L. Vera (@Three_13) January 7, 2014

Guess my next door neighbor didn't resolve to move his headboard away from the wall. #polarvorsex

— Courtney Forrest (@courtyforrest) January 7, 2014

@TheTweetOfGod How much does a polar bear weigh?...(wait for it)...Enough to break the ice. #PolarVortex #PickUpLines

— Bryan Stranahan (@stranaconda) January 7, 2014

[CARRIE V.O.]: And I had to wonder -- would the chill of a polar vortex freeze my chance at more sex? BIG: Had to shovel snow, sore pecs

— Sex and the City 3 (@SATC3quel) January 7, 2014

Gurl, let's transform this cold snap into some polar vorsex. #PolarVortexPickUpLines

— DeAnne Smith (@DeAnne_Smith) January 7, 2014