Primark's Hooded Disney Blankets Will Make You Never Want to Leave Your Couch

Primark continues to give the people what they want — and what they want is their favorite fandoms coupled with comfy clothes and adorable accessories. We're still not over the Harry Potter collection the Irish retailer released, and just when we'd thought it'd done everything awesome it could with Disney, it's gone and topped itself.

The company now has Disney-themed hooded throw blankets that are the coziest-looking things we've ever laid eyes on. And they even have places to tuck your hands in just make sure you're extra warm. From a Thumper bunny throw to Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse, these blankets (going for 18 euros or about $22 USD) are must haves for the Winter — if you can find them! Right now, it appears they are in select Primark stores across Europe, with definite sightings in the UK and Germany.