Prosecco Pong Is a Classy Spin on Your Favorite College Drinking Game

Whether you were a beer pong champion in college or mostly excelled at flip cup during the good ole days, you can bring a sense of nostalgia — with a classy twist — to your next girls' night. Prosecco Pong is about to be your new favorite party game and not just because it involves drinking bubbly booze with a competitive spirit.

It doesn't matter if you opt to save this for a bachelorette party, the end of a boozy brunch, or to turn up your book club, Talking Tables' new game ($25) is just so much better than the red Solo Cup and hops alternative. For this sophisticated version, participants set up Champagne glasses in the classic triangle and pop bottles of bubbly to fill them with. Whether you opt to give the Prosecco Pong kit as a gift or set up your own version at your next event, you can't go wrong with this new reason to drink more Champagne.