If These 25 Qualities Describe Any of Your Friends, Consider Yourself Lucky

POPSUGAR Photography | Diggy Lloyd
POPSUGAR Photography | Diggy Lloyd

We sometimes underestimate the impact people we choose to surround ourselves with have on us, which is more reason only to keep the best of your pack around. A friend who you can always rely on, at any time of the day, doesn't come around often, so be sure that you're reciprocating the love on your end, too. If these 25 qualities describe any of your friends, consider yourself lucky!

  1. They genuinely want to see you succeed in life.
  2. They always come to your defense if someone is talking badly about you.
  3. They don't flake on plans.
  4. They're brutally honest with you, but only because they want the best for you.
  5. You can always count on them to answer your calls.
  6. They know when to offer an objective opinion and when you just need someone on your side.
  7. They actually come through on their promises.
  8. They'll stop whatever they're doing to come to your aid.
  9. They'll guard your secrets, no matter who pries.
  10. You don't have to worry about jealousy with them because they understand you have a life of your own.
  11. They'll make sacrifices for you.
  12. They're not afraid to piss you off if it's for your benefit.
  13. You can tell them anything and not feel judged.
  14. They make time for you.
  15. They help you handle your problems like they're their own.
  16. They're protective of you when you're most vulnerable.
  17. They know exactly how to cheer you up when you're having a bad day.
  18. They don't expect anything in return when they do any favors for you.
  19. They're constantly rooting for you.
  20. They don't allow significant others to get in the way of your friendship.
  21. They don't let distance be an issue.
  22. They call you out on your bullsh*t.
  23. You know they'll never lie to you or keep anything from you.
  24. They make you a better person.
  25. You don't know how you'd ever survive without them.