This New Web Series Totally Gets Why You're Single

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Can you smell that? Breakups are in the air. This Summer, you can lose up to 200 lbs. in this new trendy workout called Dump Him! Now happening at your local coffee shop!

Great! You're single! Now what? Well check out the new web series Reasons I Don't Have a Boyfriend that dropped this week, created by and starring actresses Molly McQueen and Caitlin Harris. It's about two polar-opposite best friends living in Los Angeles with one thing in common: they're both supersingle. They're not even looking for Mr. Right; at this point they'll settle for Mr. Kind of Normal.

Each episode features a different reason and a story that brings that reason to life. Like their first two episodes "Too Competitive" and "Thirsty." Loving this "Thirsty" one about a Skype gone wrong. Check out their first few episodes here with new episode dropping every Tuesday.