See the Most Ridiculous Things Girlfriends Lost Their Sh*t Over

I'll admit it — in relationships, we can all be petty as f*ck. Sometimes, an unknown force takes over us that makes our SO's words and actions seem like the most annoying and absurd things. Imgur user buggiest captured these very moments that were shared by those who have faced the wrath of a woman. Some of the ridiculous things that got girlfriends mad included:

  • "Woke up to a slap in the face. I should not have cheated on her in her dream."
  • "Telling her who my girlfriend was in the first grade."
  • "She's not sure, but she's positive I did something wrong."
  • "Saying hi to my dog when I got home from work before saying hi to her."

Guys, it wasn't your fault this time. See what other reasons pissed women off.