One Guy Asks: Why Are There So Many "Rules" For Women?

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Radio personality Jay Smooth took to YouTube this week to rant a bit about gender relations. He just doesn't understand why women are taught to follow certain "rules" if they don't want to be harassed or even assaulted by men. He explains with sarcasm:

"I know that if women want to feel safe in public, they're supposed to not dress a certain way, and then if they don't dress a certain way and they still get harassed and assaulted all the time, there are other things that they're doing or not doing to earn a right to safety, but what are those other things? I'm having trouble keeping track."

Instead of keeping an ever-changing list of freedoms women are expected to voluntarily opt out of so they have a right to feel safe, he'd like men to follow one simple rule: "women are human beings." Watch Jay's take.