Couples Reveal the 1 Thing They Won't Tell Their Friends

Everyone has secrets or things that he or she doesn't want to share with anyone. Why would couples be any different? That intimacy and closeness has to come with a large dose of trust and a certain amount of exclusivity. While many couples I asked were hesitant to share anything that could incriminate them, these couples shared some of the funny, serious, and daily things that they don't share with anyone else besides each other!

  1. "We don't share the amount of money we win or lose when we gamble."
  2. "I don't tell others when we fight or how much money we make."
  3. "Neither of us share our fights or our sex life . . . so people think we're the perfect couple. Little do they know!"
  4. "We don't share what we say when we discuss our future or how lucky we feel to have met each other that sometimes, we just cry. We also hold off on sharing any emotional secrets or things we discuss."
  5. "We don't share our medical problems or trials."
  6. "Sometimes, we don't share if we have plans or not, because sometimes, we just want to be left alone, at home together."
  7. "We don't share our really big dreams — whether they're our individual or family ones. That's the one thing we keep just to each other, and no one else."
  8. "We can't tell you because we don't share it with others."