5 Ways to Give Yourself the Love You Deserve During Social Distancing

Apr 24 2020 - 4:55pm

However social distancing during this time looks for you, we can all agree it's taking a huge toll [1] on us. We're learning to navigate new routines and habits and creating a temporary normal, which can become mentally exhausting and bring on a lot of feelings we're not used to dealing with.

While the future can seem uncertain at this time and any feelings we may have toward it are more than valid, it's in our power to make this unprecedented situation as easy on ourselves as possible.

We can start small. Getting out of bed, showering, getting dressed, and maintaining our social and family life virtually are simple steps that can do so much for our mental state. Repeating words of affirmation also helps, as well as staying away from the overwhelming news cycle.

Once we've conquered those little steps, it's time to invest some extra time into reminding ourselves how much we love ourselves [2]. No, it's not selfish to think about ourselves during a time like this — in fact, it can help this new, temporary reality feel a little easier.

So, keep reading to find out ways to enjoy that little extra love from you to you.

Face Masking

For some people, this global pandemic has triggered their insomnia [4]. Lack of sleep and an altered routine can affect your skin. You might be noticing it's starting to look a little dry, or it may be breaking out. Treating yourself to a nice face mask [5], whether it's a sheet mask or one you make with the ingredients you find in your pantry and fridge [6], can give you a relaxing moment and leave your skin looking healthy and radiant.

Eat a Delicious Meal

What's your favorite dish [7]? Do you usually make it yourself or do you get it delivered? This is the perfect time to indulge your taste buds with the ride of their life. Once the food is ready, make sure you set the table, light some candles, and pour yourself some wine [8], because you're going on the best date you've ever had with yourself.

Give Yourself an Orgasm

Hear me out: when you climax, your brain releases the pleasure hormone oxytocin, which promotes feelings of love and well-being. You also release endorphins, which make you happy, and you enter into a state of relaxation, making it easier to sleep. Now, you don't need your ex to orgasm. You can just DM Trojan [9] — yes, that Trojan — an eggplant emoji and they'll send you some self-love in the form of a free vibrator and lube to "sexplore" at home with confidence.

Draw a Relaxing Bath

Add bubbles, bath salts, even some essential oils — six to eight drops should do the trick — and soak. Breathe in, and breathe out, letting all the uncertainties go. If you're feeling a little extra, get some candles, play your favorite songs, dim the lights, and enjoy the fact that you can take that moment for yourself because you're worth it [10].

Read a Book

Nothing like immersing yourself in a compelling story, one that takes you away from the current world for a little while and makes you feel happy and inspired. Whether you go back to your all-time favorite, or try your luck with a recommendation [11], you'll feel mentally stimulated and your stress will be significantly reduced.

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