The Best Winter Sex Positions For Horny Hibernators

Whether hooking up with a significant other, situationship, or a new dating-app match, sex typically becomes the main event once the winter season hits and temperatures begin to drop. But why? Psychotherapist Kelley Kitley explains this is likely because "people tend to have more sex in the winter due to hibernation, boredom, and opportunity."

"Sex is an activity, and when you are inside laying around under a blanket watching TV (which may stimulate sexual desire depending on what you are watching) or heading to bed earlier, it provides more opportunity to engage with your partner," she adds. They don't call it cuffing season for nothing.

But here's the thing: when people have sex as frequently as they do in the winter, it can sometimes start to feel mundane and repetitive. While there are many ways to spice up your sex life, one of the easiest ways to do that is by changing up your sex positions.

Sure, you may have some tried and true sex positions that meet your needs, but if you want to stay connected with your partner, check out these expert-recommended winter sex positions below. Not only will they keep you cozy, but they'll keep you orgasming all winter long.

Winter Sex Position: Snuggled Spoon

The standard spooning position is a great option if from-the-back movement usually gets you off or if you're feeling lazy. All you have to do is lie side by side while facing the same direction, and have your partner enter (or insert a toy) from behind. To winterize this tried and true position though, Barbara Santini, sex and relationship advisor at sex retailer Peaches and Screams, suggests pulling a blanket over you and your partner to "stay warm and cozy." Once you've reached peak-coziness vibes, your partner can start penetrating you from behind, she says.

Winter Sex Position: Stand and Steam

If getting completely naked in your bedroom makes you shiver just thinking about it, consider taking your sex adventure into a warm shower. To set the mood, you can start by turning on hot water and closing the door, letting the steam build for three minutes before you're ready for action. When you're ready to get inside, Jess O'Reilley, PhD, resident sexologist at Astroglide, suggests taking turns kneeling and standing for hot oral-sex positions. For example, while one partner stands, the other can kneel and perform cunnilingus or a blow job, then switch.

Winter Sex Position: The Bear

In this winter-recommended sex position, you can start by laying flat in the fetal position with your bottom up. Then, your partner can get on top from behind and wrap themselves around you — just like a bear — and start penetrating. Dawn Michael, PhD, author of "My Husband Won't Have Sex With Me," says this will build intimacy because you'll feel warm, protected, and comforted by the weight and security the position brings you.

Winter Sex Position: Cocooned Cowgirl

Start in the classic cowgirl position (also known as "girl-on-top") by climbing on top of your partner and straddling them. Then, while sitting on your partner, "cover yourselves with a blanket to keep warm and cozy," says Santini. Once you have the blanket pulled up, lay down flat so you and your partner are stomach to stomach, and rest your arms on either side of their head. From there, start moving your hips in a circular motion or up-and-down grind.

Winter Sex Position: The Quickie

Quickies are ideal for the wintertime because you and your partner are likely both in the mood, but also want to make things comfortable and easy, says Kitley. So, during a TV commercial break, climb on top of your partner and straddle them while they sit on the couch. Then, wrap your throw blanket around your waist and start grinding in whatever way feels best. Encourage your partner to place their hands on your waist to help with the up-and-down or side-to-side motion.

Winter Sex Position: Snow Angel

Since you'll likely be in your bed for long periods of time in the winter, this variation of the standard missionary position is a must. First, lie in a snow-angel-position flat on the bed, with arms and legs spread wide in the shape of an X. Then, the penetrative partner can enter the receiving partner in between their legs, which will allow for "deep penetration," suggests certified sex educator Amber Shine.

—Additional reporting by Lindsay Tigar