This Sexy Harry Potter Photo Shoot Is Hotter Than the Goblet of Fire

Holy Harry, is that your wand or are you just happy to see us? We are quivering in our wizard robes over this sexy Harry Potter photo shoot. The project was a combined effort from photographer Sarah Hester and model Zachary Howell.

"I met Zach during a meet up for photographers," Sarah told us. "He was modeling for us and helping with posing men. I mainly shoot females and I needed a ton of help. I couldn't remember his name so I started calling him 'Harry.' We joked about doing a Harry Potter boudoir session and decided it could be awesome. We scheduled the shoot for a week later."

Please check out all the photos of Zachary posing as Harry in various states of undress. They're hot enough that we just might slip some Amortentia in his butterbeer. Can we get a calendar of these pictures please?