A "Sexy Jon Snow" Halloween Costume For Women Exists, Because of Course It Does

Well, I can't say I'm really surprised. After seeing "sexy" grapes, poop, Donald Trump, and baby Halloween costumes for women, it was just a matter of time before Game of Thrones was dragged into the mix.

To be fair, Jon Snow is sexy. So it's not entirely far-fetched that Yandy came out with its Sexy Northern Queen Costume ($150) inspired by the man himself. The women's costume is actually pretty badass, complete with a black romper with a high neckline, a cutout bodice panel, draping panels with studded accents, and, of course, a long black (faux) fur cloak. Anyone who has suffered through a freezing Halloween night for the sake of their sexy costume will appreciate that this is one revealing costume that might actually keep you pretty warm — though you'd probably not make it long in the North that Snow is used to.

The verdict on the costume: ridiculous, maybe, but still kind of right?