These Brides-to-Be Dove Right Into Their Passionate Colorado River Engagement Shoot

Twomermaids Photography

On their first date, Maggie and Emily met up at a juice bar and ended up having a delightful conversation that lasted the whole day. "When Emily and I first started dating, it was like reuniting with a long-lost best friend," Maggie said. "From the beginning, it's always just felt like we had been together for years. Like we already knew each other." By the sound of it, they are absolutely soul mates! They recognize that communication is important for a healthy relationship, and their favorite daily ritual is chatting about life every morning over coffee.

"When Emily and I first started dating, it was like reuniting with a long-lost best friend."

Over time, they grew very close, and Emily knew that Maggie was "the one" when they adopted kittens together and they felt like a little family. After months of planning, Maggie proposed to Emily at midnight on New Year's Eve in Disneyland under a sky full of fireworks. Emily was completely surprised, and of course she said yes! They actually had two proposals, because on Valentine's Day, Emily proposed to Maggie at a cozy Italian restaurant.

They celebrated their love with a romantic engagement photo shoot along the banks of the Colorado River in Arizona with photographer Ashley Maura, who perfectly captured the spark between them. The shoot involved multiple looks, as Maggie wore a few glamorous gowns, and Emily kept it chic in a white jumpsuit and later changed into a black one. They danced in the river, and they couldn't keep their hands off of each other during this romantic shoot. While the shoot may have started out alongside the river, they ended it with quite a splash and got into the water! Keep reading to see the lovely photos of these soul mates.