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This Vampire-Themed Engagement Shoot Is Sexy and Scary

This Bloody Vampire-Themed Engagement Shoot Takes Halloween to a Whole New, Sexy Level

This Vampire-Themed Engagement Shoot Is Sexy and Scary
Image Source: Vee Taylor Photo

Bloodsucking embraces, piercing red eyes, and a fierce whip, this sexy vampire-themed engagement shoot has all the elements of a hot Halloween love story. Photographer Victoria Taylor envisioned a whole story to go along with the moody moonlit shoot — a tale of a woman who was walking down the street when suddenly she was struck by a vampire.

"She transformed from a meek and mild lady to a badass dominatrix vampire, showing her maker who the real owner of the night was. She was in power. She was the leader. A nod to female empowerment in true Halloween fashion," said Taylor, describing the storyline of the engagement shoot.

Taken in Salton City, CA, the models looked stunningly spooky. Both flaunting long fangs and red eyes, each had their own unique style. The dominatrix vampire dressed in a tight black bodysuit with dark makeup and lots of blood, while her fanged fiancé wore an all-black dress shirt, pants, and black tie. Together, the pair stunned against their desert backdrop.

If you're intrigued by this vampire-styled shoot, don't stop here! Keep reading to see all of the tantalizing photographs that lie ahead.

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