20 Ways to Channel Snow White This Halloween

When wearing the perfect Snow White costume, there's no need for a magic mirror — everybody else will tell you that you're the fairest of them all! To channel the original Disney princess this Halloween, you don't need to search through any enchanted forests; instead, check out these awesome inspiration photos. From pinup princesses to hipster Snow Whites, there are plenty of routes to take when choosing a costume. Just be careful not to accept any poisoned apples while you're trick-or-treating!


Cute Snow White

This subtle Snow White costume is perfect for Halloween in the office!


Jazzercise Snow White

Try a fun '80s aerobics twist on the princess.


Goth Snow White

Instead of playing on Snow White's cute side, this costumed princess focused on the dark aspects of the fairy tale.


Flapper Snow White

Daisy Buchanan would be proud of this glitzy, glamorous take on the classic Disney princess.

Victorian Snow White
Flickr user cbroders

Victorian Snow White

The lace details and puffed sleeves of this costume make it feel extremely Victorian, while still distinctly Disney.


Hipster Snow White

"She told me the apple was organic," would also work for this quirky costume.


1950s Snow White

Betty bangs, bright red lips, and perfectly manicured nails are a must.


Superhero Snow White

A cape and lots of cleavage make this one sexed-up superhero version of Snow White!


Modern Snow White

Don a yellow top with blue bottoms and a red bow to become the modern-day version of your favorite princess.


Glam Snow White

This Snow White getup has a classy twist.


Dark Snow White

It takes some creepy makeup skills to pull off this look, but it's totally worth it!


Flirty Snow White

If you want to rock this look while trick-or-treating, make sure to snag knee-high socks and a short skirt!


Original Snow White

If red, yellow, and blue aren't your colors, give the oft-forgotten original Snow White costume a shot. Before the princess escapes to the forest, she enchants a besotted Prince Charming by drawing water from a well in this pink and brown number.


Zombie Snow White

Ever wonder what Snow White would have become if she'd never gotten true love's kiss? Here's your answer.


Classy Snow White

A navy blue vest gives a formal twist to this princess costume.


Housewife Snow White

A yellow apron helps lend a domestic touch to this '50s-era version of the princess.


Feisty Snow White

A corset and shorts give this princess a feisty touch.


Girlie Snow White

A full skirt and off-shoulder blouse make this getup extra feminine.


Boho Snow White

A yellow maxi skirt, blue blouse, and red cardigan come together to create a bohemian princess look.


Sexy Snow White

This Snow White costume shows off your curves.