The 4 Special Bonds You Share With Your Sister

If you grew up with a sister, it's safe to say that you share a special connection with her. There are so many things that only your sister can understand, like an inside joke that you always text each other about or a secret that they guard with their life. When we asked our editors to tell us about the special bonds they share with their sisters, we realized that most of the time our sisters are our best friends. Keep reading to find out how.

1. You've learned a lot from each other.

You learn so many things from different people in your life, but sometimes your sister can become your inspiration to try new things or gain a new perspective on life.

"She teaches me how to treat other people. I always tell everyone that my YOUNGER sister is my role model, and to some that seems weird. Shouldn't your role model be older than you? Someone to look up to? But the way she treats others, cares for them, listens to their problems, stops what she's doing to help solve an issue, is remarkable. Sometimes, the only way for me to feel like a good person — or like I'm doing something right — is to ask myself, 'What would Rachel do?'" — Sarah Wasilak, assistant fashion editor

"I learn so much from her every single day, and I wish I was as cool as she is when I was that age. I couldn't ask for anything more than having a built-in sous chef, twerk-out partner, and confidant who can comfort me when I'm down, praise me when I'm up, and learn from all of my wins and mistakes." — Aimee Simeon, trending and social editorial assistant

2. You can help each other through especially tough times.

"We didn't have the easiest childhood (and I wasn't always the easiest on her), but we've always been able to overcome things by sticking together. She is my best friend and my biggest source of strength and support — I have no idea where I would be without her." — Brittney Stephens, celebrity lead editor

"During her first year of college and my senior year of high school, I experienced my first big breakup. The next day, my parents stuck me on a train down to visit my sister for a few days. She was so supportive and did everything she could to make me feel better. She still does that for me now whenever something is wrong." — Coady De Muri, influencer programs marketing assistant

3. You'll always share unforgettable memories.

It's always fun to reminisce about all the wonderful memories you have with your sister. And even though you've probably gotten into a couple (or a lot) of fights, you hold on to those memories as well because they remind you just how complex your relationship is.

"When I was 15, she was nice enough to take me along on her first Europe trip. We experienced cities like Rome together for the first time, fought at the Eiffel Tower, got lost in sketchy streets, ate way too much gelato, and created so many other memories I'll always remember because it was just the two of us. Since then, we've been fortunate to take many more trips together, and I'm forever grateful for a sister who counts me as one of her main travel partners." — Lisette Mejia, news editor

"Growing up I was always called 'little Suzy' (my sister's name is Suzy) because we look literally identical. We love hard and fight hard, just like DJ and Stephanie Tanner! Can't imagine my life without her." — Michelle Zambrano, influencer programs marketing coordinator

4. They've been with you throughout different phases in your life.

DJ and Stephanie Tanner have certainly been together for important moments in each other's lives — even those hilariously questionable life choices. And in Fuller House, we will once again see them stick together for this new phase in both their lives.

"My sister and I were practically destined to be close because our parents gave us the same name. (Terry and Teri!) Growing up, we were the closest in age among our siblings so we spent a lot of time together, bonding over Barbie dolls and wrestling sessions. Our relationship only grew stronger as we became adults." — Terry Carter, editorial intern

"We fight constantly (whether it's about the giant tattoo she got on her arm or all the reasons she hates my 'hideous old-lady coat'), but when all is said and done, there's no one on earth I'd rather spend time with." — Quinn Keaney, assistant celebrity editor

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