2 People Just Dressed Up in T-Rex Costumes For the Most Ridiculously Awesome Engagement Shoot

As far as unique wedding engagement photos go, we just discovered the duo that's taken the number one spot for utmost creativity. Two people dressed in T-rex costumes are slowly but surely taking over the internet in the most gloriously entertaining engagement shoot we've ever seen.

As it turns out, the dinosaur wannabes are actually not a couple in real life; they're just two friends of the photographers who set up the shoot for fun, although we must admit they'd make a pretty dino-mite couple. Photographers Greg Basel and Maria Adams devised the hilarious concept because they wanted to spread the idea that "love isn't extinct."

When we reached out to the creative geniuses via email, Greg told us why these photos are exactly what America needs right now. "The message we want to send across is that no matter who you are there is love surrounding you," he told us. "We are surrounded with so much negative news we wanted to share with the world some funny news that would put smiles on people's faces as well."

Well, Greg, that mission was certainly accomplished, because it's impossible to not crack a smile while looking at these pictures. Keep reading for all the photos, and your day will surely be brightened.