Tess Holliday's Message About "Fat People" Having Sex Needs to Be Heard by Everyone

You know what I love so much about Tess Holliday? The fact that she just speaks her mind, she is who she is, and she absolutely loves herself. The outspoken plus-size model stormed onto the scene just a few years ago and is giving a voice to women everywhere. Most recently, it was with a couple of gorgeously shot photos by Anastasia Garcia.

The black-and-white photos show Tess in barely there lingerie alongside a line from her upcoming book, The Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl: Loving the Skin You're In: "Fat people have sex. A lot of it. And it's really f*cking good." Amen, sister.

Tess has spent years encouraging people to "eff your beauty standards" with her Instagram campaign aimed toward acceptance of all body types, all colors, and all looks. Anastasia, her photographer on this shoot, wrote on her own Instagram post that she appreciates Tess's courage and message deeply. "Growing up I always felt like I wasn't allowed to be sexy, or sexual. Despite the fact that I completely was, and completely loved that aspect of my life. I thought because I was fat I had to hide that aspect of myself," she wrote.

In an email to POPSUGAR, Anastasia continued that thought with how she herself learned to combat the stigma around "being fat" and how she used to feel about it: "I use to go to war with myself every single day. And for what? Once I stopped and realized just how much time I was spending being cruel to myself, I became really sad. I would NEVER talk to a friend or a loved one the way I talk to myself. So why was I doing it? I decided that I deserve more. So, I started to shift the inner monologue."

Tess and Anastasia are both amazing examples of acceptance, loving the skin you're in, and inspiring those around you to feel sexy no matter what anyone else thinks. Like Anastasia said, "Seeing and hearing images and stories from other women has made me realize that I'm not alone, and that I am beautiful."