5 Texts You Should Never Send a Bride-to-Be

Planning a wedding is an extremely stressful time for a bride-to-be. Therefore, it is crucial to not say anything that could easily be misinterpreted and add more stress to her life. Thankfully, Brides came up with a list of five things that you should never text a bride-to-be to avoid any potential awkwardness.


Don't want to get on a bride's bad side? Then we suggest checking that text twice before you hit the send button next time. Thanks to modern technology, it's become a whole heck of a lot easier to make a bride feel bad (or just super awkward) without ever actually "talking" to her.

1. "It's not my style, but if you like it . . . "
Talk about an instant downer! If a giddy bride-to-be sends you a pic of her favorite wedding venue or the dress she wants so badly to say yes to, please don't spoil the moment or cause her to second guess her decision by responding with negativity. Maybe it's not your style, but if her message makes it clear she's thrilled about it (i.e. she uses a lot of exclamation points), do your best to be a good friend and say something positive.

2. "OMG congrats on the engagement! Can't wait for the wedding now!"
Unless you're super tight with the bride-to-be, never, ever assume you're invited to her wedding. Hint: If you found out about the engagement via Facebook or Instagram, it's safe to say you should leave out the latter part of the above text. A quick note saying congratulations though is, of course, appreciated.

3. "Saw you were doing [insert workout plan here]. Have you lost any weight yet? Curious . . . "
Just because a bride-to-be uses the hashtag #sweatingforthewedding like, a billion times and is vocal on social media about doing P90X with her partner doesn't mean you have the right to text her such a personal question. Ask her how she likes the workout program and if she'd recommend it to others, not how much weight she's lost so far.

4. "Ah! We should totally have the bachelorette party here instead: [insert awesome photo of suggested location]"
Your idea of the perfect bachelorette may be partying it up in Cabo, but if the bride-to-be has mentioned several times she wants to do something chill in Napa Valley, a text like this, complete with a pic, could come off as entitled.

5. "Hey, just got the save the date. Is [insert name here] invited too? Just wondering!"
Whether it's your semi-serious boyfriend you're inquiring about or a guy you just started dating, texting the bride-to-be regarding a plus-one right after she sends out her save the dates can be, well, awkward. If the information is absolutely necessary in order for you to make travel arrangements, wait until you can speak with the bride in person and then gently approach the topic.

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