10 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman

There are many things that come out of people's mouths that are painfully cringe-worthy, but some of the worst are sexist remarks. Gender norms and social roles are completely outdated, and yet, there's still a population that lives by them. We've all heard a comment that made us wonder if that person was stuck in a previous decade. And even when it's not to that extreme, there are phrases that may not have been intentionally said to be offensive that are still problematic. Women especially know these all too well but shouldn't tolerate any form of the following phrases. Consider this a warning: here are 10 things that should never be said to a woman.

1. "Because you're a woman."

Under no circumstance is this an acceptable reason, even if it is the reality of the situation, like unequal pay. This should never be used as an excuse to justify something. Not only does it not make sense, but it's also a hell of a way to piss us off. What about being a woman? Anyone who uses this phrase better have a strong follow-up, or else the discussion is about to get really heated.

2. "Are you PMSing?"

Do not, I repeat, do not ever ask this question even if we are menstruating. There is no better way to anger us when we're already a little high-strung for whatever reason. Not everything can be attributed to a woman's period — we don't automatically lose all self-control during our time of the month. We've been managing it since puberty, so I think we know how to handle ourselves as adults.

3. "Just sit there and look pretty."

Women have much more to offer than our looks, you know, like intelligence, leadership abilities, etc. We're capable of anything a man can do, plus bringing life to this world. It is incredibly infuriating when you imply that we're nothing but a face in the room when you know damn well what we can contribute. The most prominent women in history didn't become known for sitting there and looking pretty.

4. "Let a man take care of that for you."

We got it, thanks! Unless we solicit help ourselves, assume that it's already handled. We don't need anyone — let alone a man — to do something for us. We can do everything from running a company to opening a jar, so hold onto your offers.

5. "You're too bossy."

The funny thing is, you would never say this to a man. A man who is assertive, vocal, and honest would be characterized as a fantastic leader, not "bossy." But when a woman holds the same qualities, they're perceived as hard to work with.

6. "Smile."

Unless we're taking a group photo, do not tell us to smile. We look just as "pretty" without expression, contrary to your comments on the street. And instructing us to smile to look friendlier or less intimidating is bullsh*t. Why do women need to look amiable at all times in order to be liked? We don't care if we're liked; we care if we're taken seriously.

7. "That's not ladylike."

Cursing, sitting open-legged, drinking, and other activities are open to all, last time I checked. There shouldn't be any restrictions as to what a woman is allowed to do. We have as much freedom as anyone else to do as we please without being criticized.

8. "Like a girl."

We take this as a compliment, so thank you. But when this phrase is used as an insult, it only shows ignorance on your part. Clearly, you do not know what a girl is capable of. If you did know, you would be using much more creative words.

9. "No place for a woman."

What is a "proper" place for a woman, then? A kitchen? Because that better not be the answer. Any place is a place for a woman, including the boardroom and the White House. Do not ever try to tell us where we should or shouldn't be, because we're not going to listen, anyway. We will go wherever we deserve to be.

10. "Wow, you like sports?"

Women are allowed to like the same things as men. Don't be shocked if we can hold our own in a video game and, dare I say, kick your ass. It shouldn't be such a revelation when we've proven to be outstanding athletes, engineers, and CEOs time and time again. Yes, we like sports, too.