11 Things Only a Best Friend Can Say to You

Your best friend is the keeper of all things: your secrets, your life's highlights . . . your life's lowlights. They know the good and bad in you and will call you on it like no other because your connection is tight. Nothing comes between you two or threatens you two. Your attachment is, as psychologists say, secure. That's why there are just some things that only a best friend can say to you, and no one else — not even a love partner!

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Your BFF can tell you if the outfit you're wearing just doesn't jive.

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Are you slacking on your work and not giving it your all? Your BFF is the one to say, "That's not your best, and you know it."

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If you're being a bridezilla . . . your BFF is going to tap your shoulder and say, "Quit it!"

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When you are "thirsty" and have your eye on someone, your BFF knows even though you haven't told them yet.

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If you're self-destructing, your best friend is going to tell you even if it's hard for them to summon the courage.

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If you're hanging with the wrong crowd, your BFF is there to point it out . . .

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When the love starts to become real between you and your partner, your BFF will notice and say, "Hey, they're a good one."

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If you've gained weight or gone way overboard from that diet you've been meaning to stick to, there's bestie calling you out.

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When you are in a bad relationship and it's toxic to your happiness, your BFF is going to tell you and pray you listen.

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That best friend hears your negative self-talk and tells you you need to give yourself a break . . . and you listen.