50 Tiny but Fierce Feminist Tattoos

Feminists come in many different forms, but smashing the patriarchy is a goal we all have in common. In the world we live in today, we need the strength and hope to get up and keep fighting for equality for all people. These tiny tattoos are subtle, but their feminist messages are loud and clear. If you want to join the women's movement and show off your girl power, have a look at the strong tattoo ideas that lie ahead. At the very least, you can save them to your boards as inspiration.

— Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes


Black Woman's Power

Mowing the "Lawn"


Not Yours

Girl Power

Uterus F*ck You

Woman Tattoo

Girl Power

Why Not? Equality?

Smash Patriarchy

Girl Power

Girl Power Hearts

Venus Symbol

Strawberry Anatomy


Girl Power Heart

Break Through With Love

Nonbinary Tattoo

Femme Tattoo

Flowery Uterus

Wild Child

I Am Enough

Venus Symbol

Woman Warrior

Girl Power

Venus Symbol



Flower Venus Symbol

Floral Venus Symbol


The Lavender Menace

"Non Compliant"

Self Love Club


RIP Patriarchy

"Not Ur Bae" and "No Scrubs"

Grl Pwr

Feminist Killjoy

Coat Hanger

Grl Pwr