Real Guys Reveal Poignant and Funny Struggles of Manhood

Women have plenty of burning questions about what makes guys tick — and while many will probably remain a mystery to us forever, some were answered in a recent thread on Reddit. A number of annoyances won't be that surprising for women to hear (penises came up a lot — shocker, right?), but others might be a bit eye-opening. Two main takeaways: untimely boners are a big problem, and guys like getting flowers, too! See a handful of the most poignant and funny ones now.

  • "Honestly? The social pressure to both be a "real man" — and at the same time not be a "typical man." There is so little space in between those concepts that it's frightening." — AF79
  • "The worrying of one day going bald." — Wacklew
  • "People assuming that, whenever I'm talking to a woman, socially, I'm only trying to get her into bed." — Guiness2702
  • "Why am I automatically the bug removal service? These deaths are on my hands now . . ." — ExcerptMusic
  • "Always having to be the aggressor in dating." — Kent_C_Strait
  • "Do women know about shrinkage?" — 74145852963
  • "Times I am vocal about something, when it really matters to me, I rarely am acknowledged for how I was affected." — SumnerSolstice
  • "I never get any flowers. I WANT SOME GODD*MN PRETTY FLOWERS!" — p0werf00L
  • "Being expected to 'man up' all the time." — thedeadlinger
  • "Spontaneous boners. I'm still baffled by the amount of women who don't know that sometimes boners just happen without any sexual reasons." — SeriousJack
  • "Being expected to care about sports from other men." — fancy-chips
  • "Life can be surprisingly difficult for the man that thinks strawberry daiquiris are tasty little f*ckers." — giveer
  • "No formal wear suitable for summer. Only one option full pants and suit. Girls have skirts, blouses etc. catering to varying temperatures. While men just burn during summer trying to look 'formal.'" — TheRajMahal

We'll spare you on the plethora of responses regarding body hair and functions . . .