Smoke This, Pass That: The Best Types of Weed For Different Activities

When people tell me they don't like smoking weed, my first question (after my initial shock and disbelief) is always, "What kind did you smoke though?" Nine times out of 10, they have no idea. While most people are familiar with the two main strains (sativa, the upper, and indica, the downer), many don't realize that the majority of marijuana on the market is a combination of the two.

Cannabis strains are not created equal, and many people don't realize just how differently they can affect your mental and physical state. Strains of marijuana are like different types of wine — just like you'd pair a Cabernet with a steak, smoking the right type of weed can heighten and enhance different sensations. Knowing which strains of weed to smoke for certain situations can help you minimize your anxieties and enjoy all of the benefits of this magical plant. Read on for some of my personal favorites, which can all be purchased in your legalized state or with a medical marijuana card.

Working out

So many people think weed only makes you lazy, but smoking the right kind of cannabis can actually improve your workouts. Some strains energize you and help you focus, all while giving you a happy yet functional high.

My favorites to smoke before class? Something high in sativa to keep you motivated and uplifted, like Jack Herer or Green Crack. These strains keep you blissfully clear-headed and give you a burst of energy — the perfect combination for a productive workout.


Sometimes smoking before going out can be . . . tricky. I've spent many nights out at the bar too high, not speaking and looking like an alien. Smoking the wrong weed can totally defeat the purpose of smoking before you go out: to have fun and be social.

When you're in a situation where you want to be talkative and engaging, you want a sativa blend all the way. The euphoric sensations of sativa-heavy strains like Sour Dream will have you feeling joyful and upbeat.

If you have social anxiety, marijuana can help you! An indica blend like Granddaddy Purple will help you feel peaceful and relaxed in uncomfortable situations.

Being creative

There's a reason so many musicians and artists are stoners — cannabis is an incredibly useful tool to help enhance creativity and open your mind.

The best kind to smoke while you're painting, writing, or creating? A blend that's sativa-heavy, like Sour Diesel or Purple Haze. Sativa-heavy hybrids can amplify your imagination, giving you a free-spirited and open-minded high.

Having sex

Marijuana can have many positive impacts on relationships, but in my opinion, the sexual benefits are unrivaled. Mentally, smoking can help calm you, open your mind, and lower inhibitions. The physical benefits are nothing short of euphoric: heightened sensitivity to touch, total relaxation, and increased arousal.

My suggestions for connected, sensual, mind-blowing sex? Both types are great, but I prefer indica-dominant blends for their calming effects. I love Girl Scout Cookies, which relaxes your body and gives you a creative, blissful mindset. Granddaddy Purple is another favorite blend: its calming and euphoric effects are perfect for an intimate hookup. Cherry Pie is another winner; the high hits you almost instantly, giving you a clear head and happy heart.

To chill

Cannabis is the ultimate relaxation enhancer. When you're trying to chill but you still want to be social, smoke an indica or indica-heavy blend like Bubba Kush or Girl Scout Cookies. You'll feel relaxed but still alert enough to function.

If you want to knock out completely, a straight indica will put you right to sleep. Cherry Kush and Northern Lights are a few of my favorites, but you really can't go wrong with any indica.

Being productive

Just like weed can improve your workouts, certain strains can actually boost productivity. Sativa-heavy blends are great for helping you stay engaged and focused but also relaxed enough to enjoy the task at hand.

Before chores, errands, or anything I'm generally not too excited to do, I love smoking some Sour Diesel. It doesn't give you a heavy body-high so you won't be glued to the couch — its effects are much more mental. You'll feel clear headed and in tune with your surroundings, and the euphoric impact will help you have fun while taking care of your responsibilities.

Going to the airport

I'm terrified of flying and totally hate airports . . . my stress levels are always through the roof during the hours before a flight. Smoking before flying (at home — do not bring weed to the airport with you) helps bring down my anxiety so I actually enjoy myself. A calming sativa will help ease stress but keep you functional enough to make it to your gate.

Sour Diesel (can you tell how much I love this one?) is a great preflight strain. It keeps you relaxed but aware, minimizing anxiety and paranoia. Blue Dream is another great sativa-heavy blend to smoke before flying. It's widely used for treating anxiety, so it will give you a relaxed body and mind and a clear and happy head.

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