Why Your Rising Sun Sign in Astrology Is Said to Be Your "Autopilot"

Your rising sun sign, according to the zodiac, is the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment you were born. However, this sign is more than just a name. According to Joseph D'Airo, a Long Island, NY-based psychic medium and intuitive advisor who spoke to POPSUGAR in an email interview, the rising sun sign is one of the first personality traits that is revealed quickly after being born. The sun sign is the same as your zodiac sign, so whatever your normal zodiac sign is, that is also your sun sign.

"It is said the zodiac sign description is the first personality trait that we show, sometimes its confusing because we often don't see this aspect of ourselves but others see this in us. It means that this sign represents how you can present yourself to the world in the way we understand that particular Zodiac sign," he wrote.

According to Christina Hammarberg, a psychic medium, spiritual and intuitive advisor, and founder of Channeled Messages by Christina, the sun sign is usually the characteristics that are shown when you meet people for the first time and becomes your autopilot — your default reaction when in a new or different environment or around new people.

"The sun sign by itself offers only a glimpse at your personality, emotional tendencies, habits, etc. It's a bit of a mask, actually, because most people will stop there," she said in a phone interview with POPSUGAR.

As your life moves forward, your sun sign becomes your outer layer, noted Hammarberg, and your moon sign is your inner layer. However, characteristics of sun signs are said to decline a bit after the age of 30, as a person's self-confidence begins to increase.

"While there is no doubt that people feel strongly connected to their sun sign, the story often goes much deeper than that. Your sun sign only makes up the broadest strokes of the painting, so to speak," she said.