I Used a Sex Swing, and Wow, It Changed My Life

My boyfriend and I were lying in our hotel bed, having just finished a morning sex session after a night out in New York City to celebrate his birthday. More than three years into our relationship, I feel lucky that we still have such an intense physical attraction to each other. There are fireworks every time we have sex, and that morning, even with tired and slightly hungover bodies, was no exception.

Despite our attraction coming so naturally to us, I'm also an advocate for keeping it fun and fresh in the bedroom, and I like to make sure that he's as excited as I am. So, from time to time, I check in with him as our sex life — and relationship — evolves to ensure that both of our needs are being met.

Taking a breath, I rolled over, looked at him, and asked, "Is there anything you've wanted to try, sexually, that you never have?" He replied, "Well, I think maybe a swing would be fun."

The swing helps to hit spots I never thought were possible, which gets me to that level without the use of my favorite [sex] toy.

We had talked about a sex swing before, but it was a flirty conversation that wasn't anything serious. But now I knew the wheels had been churning in his head and he had been thinking about how fun and adventurous it could be, especially since we are so compatible and comfortable with each other on a sexual level. In fact, I had never wanted to try something so bold and new with anyone else but him.

So, I started doing research, and after looking at sex swings that hung from doors, ceilings, and more, we settled on this one from Amazon that's installed in the ceiling for maximum usage.

And . . . it changed my world.

First of all, the angles achieved with a swing are something that absolutely cannot be reached in a bed no matter how many different positions are tried or props used. The spring — which bounces with you and adds to the rhythm of your partner's thrusts — brings an added layer of pleasure, too. Being suspended allows for more freeing movements and flexibility, and also a level of risk that's a total turn-on. And everything felt completely new and different for both of us, even if it was a basic position or something we had done a million times before in bed.

I've always been an advocate of sex toys for helping me climax, but I'm pretty sure they won't be needed as frequently as we become more familiar with the swing and get more comfortable in it. The swing helps to hit spots I never thought were possible, which gets me to that level without the use of my favorite toy.

The only downside (and if this is the biggest problem, then there's really nothing to worry about) is that the swing does take a bit of adjusting the first time. While you may be all excited to get into it and start going, you have to learn the best height for you and your partner as well as how to position your body properly so that it's comfortable for both of you.

So, whether your sex life needs a little jump start or you're just looking to try something unique in the bedroom, I can promise you, the swing will not disappoint.