8 Reasons Only Children Make Great Partners

Only children get a bad rep as being spoiled and self-centered. Personally? I just think the rest of us are so jealous on how good onlies can have it. The focus of their parents' finances, hearts, and eyes. As the parent of an only, I can see drastic differences between her upbringing and mine, as the youngest of four girls. I can't tell you how much I cherish having an only, although I would love to have stepchildren for sure. Onlies truly are resilient and bold creatures, making them in my opinion, pretty amazing partners! Here are eight reasons why only children are kick-ass amazing partners!

1. They're Independent as HELL

While it may sound contradictory to say an independent person would be great in a couple, it's not. Onlies are independent, meaning they won't crush their partners with need. They are able to survive on their own and can offer a lot in a relationship. While being "too" independent can make people distant, onlies typically have close relationships with their parents from the very beginning years of life, making these independent gems able to connect with others all while still being self-sufficient.

2. They're Creative

I spent a lot of time playing alone as a little kid because my sisters were older, but I had a neighbor down the street I could run to. With my only child, I hear the most amazing and creative "stories" playing out right in front of my eyes. Only children are creative because they have to be! If they grew up without kids to play with as much as their friends with siblings did, don't you think they had to? Plus, only children don't have "siblings" to take the heat from them when they get in trouble . . . or times are tough at home. They have to be creative to adapt or stay out of trouble. Your creative only child partner will keep things interesting and fresh. An only child as a partner is adaptive and inventive when the chips are down or up!

3. They're Success Driven

When you don't have siblings to distribute some of that parental pride, you take it upon yourself to kick ass and take names. Gold stars are an only child's favorite. Your only child partner will most likely be successful and ambitious. Their independence and creativity helps them to succeed. You'll love having a partner who is confident and focused on achieving his or her goals. It will make you want to be that much better.

4. They're Problem Solvers

Where there's a will, there's a way — that's the only child's attitude! It's not like he or she could ask big brother or sister to help or find a solution, so an only child becomes very good at solving problems for himself or herself. This makes your only child love interest an amazing partner! He or she will always try to find a way to make things work. This is probably one of the best reasons to date and marry an only child! You need someone in life who will look for solutions and not give up in defeat!

5. They're Prone to Intimacy

An only child usually develops a very special relationship with his or her parents. That bond is a close one. There's a lot of one-on-one time when you're an only child. This makes only children very good at conversation and developing those relationships, like love, that require a lot of one-on-one!

6. They're Confident, but Not Spoiled

Sure, only children don't have to share the cake with their equally hungry siblings, but this doesn't mean they expect the world on a platter. Instead, I see and know many confident only children who are confident because their parents put a lot of love, effort, and face time into these people. That means that your only child lover will want the best from you . . . while also giving the best — see No. 7.

7. They Tend to be Type A

Yes, not all only children are Type A and being Type A isn't always great, (as a Type A person I know this well) but an only child has a lot of the focus on him or her while growing up. Sort of like the oldest child, the only then strives to be great at everything. While this can create a lot of internal stress on an only, you are loving someone who is hard-working and focused. An only child is no slacker! You want someone to love for life who can carry his or her weight.

8. They're Not Needy

This sort of goes hand in hand with No. 1, but an only child grows up knowing that he or she can take care of business on one's own. Your only child lover is not going to be needy. He or she will encourage you to keep your own interests and life because he or she won't want to constantly have someone cling either!