This Cowboys Fan Got the Ultimate Revenge After Her Fiancé's Text Message Breakup

This woman may have had a tough month, but we are loving her positive attitude. Brenna Clanton's fiancè broke up with her through a text message. Little did he know, Brenna had already bought him tickets to the Cowboys football game for Christmas.

Instead of selling them or not attending the game, Brenna proudly showed up with an awesome sign in hand that explained her situation. Alex McDaniel, an editor for the Oxford Eagle, saw the sign and tweeted it. Brenna received an outpouring of support from the picture, and she even posted a thank you to Alex on Instagram. It's awesome that Brenna still got to enjoy the game and receive positive messages on Twitter. We love her confidence and big smile! Check out the photo below.

Her fiancé dumped her VIA TEXT before finding out she bought him Cowboys tickets for Christmas. She's doing fine.

— Alex McDaniel (@AlexMcDaniel) December 27, 2016