Woman Proposes to Her Girlfriend With a Musical About Their Journey

OK, cue the tears pretty much from the get-go with this one. Kriss planned a musical that played out the entire course of her relationship with her girlfriend, Lauren-Joy, and the grand finale finished off with a moving proposal. The musical went through specific ups and downs of the couple's journey together, and the songs were references to parts of their relationship. It told a personal and real story of love, and for these two, it was also sometimes a very private one. Lauren-Joy, or LJ, described their path and some of their fears about coming out as a same-sex couple:

"My AMAZING girlfriend put together a proposal for the ages! She got my friends to perform a full musical of our relationship, then surrounded by friends and family she asked her to be her wife. If that wasn't enough, many of our family and friends didn't know we were gay. We come from conservative backgrounds and for years (before we even met) served in our local churches respectively while basically avoiding questions about our love lives. But, the amount of love and support we received was overwhelming. People who I thought would never approve or accept my sexuality have sent me texts and messages saying how proud they are of the courage we have shown and how happy they were for us . . . I wanted to remind the world the love rules all! She captured so much of the love we share but also the love and support we continue to receive from the people who love us. I have never felt so loved!"

Watch the adorable musical proposal here, and read more about the whole night on HowHeAsked.

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