5 Women Got Stuck in Weeds on a Unicorn Pool Float, and This Is Peak "Instagram Vs. Reality"

It turns out unicorn pool floats aren't quite as magical as they seem on Instagram. A group of women in Minnesota learned that lesson the hard way when they ventured out into the weedy waters of a local lake on top of a giant rainbow-colored unicorn inflatable, and got trapped among the greenery. Luckily, a rope-toting deputy from the Chisago County Sheriff's Office spotted the explosion of color on top of the lake and came to their rescue, throwing them a lasso and pulling them to safety on a dock.

The women seemed to take their lake voyage gone wrong in stride, as they chuckled through the entire situation like a bunch of champs. Watch the footage from their rescue mission above, and you'll undoubtedly join in with a few of your own giggles, too. If this isn't the epitome of the "Instagram vs. reality" notion, we're not quite sure what is.