6 Brides Share the Worst Marriage Advice They've Ever Received

Although stated with the best intentions in mind, newlywed advice is often misleading and just downright terrible. Brides asked six women to share the worst marriage advice that they have ever received. It's hard to believe their shocking responses.


Just because someone shares advice with you — no matter how well meaning — doesn't mean it's any good. These brides share the most head-shaking counsel they've received about marriage — that they don't intend to take.

"My father told me a happy marriage means making sure you dress up everyday and wear makeup daily for my husband. Needless to say, he's divorced!" — Elizabeth K.

"It's your day and that's what's most important. I hate that because it is our day." — Trish B.

"The advice my father-in-law gave my husband at his bachelor party was to spend as much time apart as possible. While that might be necessary for some couples who can't handle each other in large doses, my husband and I much prefer to be with each other as much as possible." — Briana W.

"'Photographers are a waste of money. You only need one photo of your wedding anyway.' That's what we were told by my mother-in-law." — Staicee L.

"'Marry for money.' I married for love. Not that we're poor, but I'd take being poor as long as I'm with him." — TK

"You can always get a divorce!" — Erica C.

"I was once told by someone that love is overrated. The only way a marriage works is if you have the same goals." — Kelly M.

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