Only True YA Fans Will Appreciate (and Covet) These 34 Must Haves

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If you've lost sleep countless times due to extreme distress over the fate of your favorite young adult character, if you've thrown a book across the room and tearfully turned to Tumblr to find just ONE other fan who feels the same way as you, and if you've shipped a romance (canon or not) so hard it actually hurt . . . then you may just be a true YA book lover. The passion we have as YA fans is unparalleled, which means your love of these 34 amazing gifts will be too. From Mockingjay pins, book-quote bookmarks, time turners, and Camp Half-Blood t-shirts to jewelry and prints that just speak to you, you'll find your fandom somewhere in here and appreciate/covet these YA book lover must haves. No, seriously . . . we MUST have them.