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Are you a Nickel and Dimer?

Treating yourself to a nice meal at a restaurant is a great way to catch up with friends, family, co-workers, etc. but when the bill comes, your lovely meal could turn into a stressful situation. We all have a cheapskate friend, or two for that matter, who scour the bill, carefully calculating whatever he or she ate and drank, penny pinching whenever possible. Then there are others who opt for evenly splitting the bill down the middle or dividing it equally depending upon the amount of diners, regardless if one person ate a chicken salad and another a filet mignon.

This exact scenario has been know to create tension between friends if everyone isn't on the same page, leaving one person embarrassed, fed up, and just plain irritated especially when you are dining in a large group. So ladies are you the type that would rather make it easier on everyone and split the bill evenly or do you feel more comfortable only paying for what you ordered?


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