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10 Apps That Would Change Your Life as a Mom (PHOTOS)

10 Apps That Would Change Your Life as a Mom (PHOTOS)

Can you imagine having a newborn de-coder that tells you why your baby is crying? Or a "Sibling Instigator Identifier" that tells you which one of your kids really started the fight? One day there will be an app for that. In the meantime, here's blogger Jill Smokler's list of apps "that would make parenting a pleasure."

10 Apps Moms Wish Existed (Huffington Post)

Image Source: via Huffington Post

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SaraBell96204 SaraBell96204 5 years
Are you all serious? The description of the article makes it pretty clear this is something lighthearted to make people chuckle and it's not real. Wow...lighten up, people!
KendallRichardson KendallRichardson 5 years
This a complete waste of time!
KristiHutson KristiHutson 5 years
This sucks!!!
SadieRonia SadieRonia 5 years
I agree with others. False advertising.
bethfarque bethfarque 5 years
This is stupid. They should say what they mean.
MarilynNewman MarilynNewman 5 years
waste of my time... :-(
KrystalLathrop KrystalLathrop 5 years
Wow....completely disappointing!!!
PriscillaShuttleworth PriscillaShuttleworth 5 years
I never usually click on links unless I think they are related to my situation, very disappointed and I agree with you all. I like Christina's comment, where are the useful apps.
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